About Me

Hello Everyone!!!

Welcome to my blog.

First about this blog.  I decided to start love.life.beauty to share my passion of makeup and nail polish with others and also as a motivation to experiment with different looks and colors.  I am by no means a makeup artist and do not pretend to be.  Everything I know (techniques, application, etc.) I've learned through books, youtube, and other various sources.  Everything I write about are my honest opinions, thoughts, and reactions.  Not only will I post about anything and everything makeup and nail polish related but I will also post about my life, mainly photos of my little one and our family outings.  All pictures shown are my own unless otherwise stated.  Please do not take them as your own.  My permission is needed for you to use my pictures.  Also, all items are either bought with my own money, given to me as gifts, or I have won them in a giveaway.

Now onto me.  I live in southern California and a single mother of a wonderful little boy (Logan) who I mention often.  He is my world and everything revolves around him.  We have one dog, an 11 year old cocker spaniel named Shaq.  My favorite colors are pink and teal and I like anything Hello Kitty and glitter.  I love reading, swimmings, and being outdoors.  My favorite season is winter and I love to travel.   Cooking is not my strongest point but I try and will get the hang of it soon.  I love all kinds of food and will give anything a try once.  And I have to start every morning with a cup of coffee whether it's from Starbucks (venti caramel macchiato with soy & extra caramel) or made at home.    

Thanks for stopping by!